Our 6th National Coaching in Education Conference is now getting close.
In the coming weeks we will be sending regular email updates on some of the key sessions at the upcoming conference.


Professor Anthony Grant, Director of the Coaching Psychology Unit, University of Sydney, will be presenting a keynote on Day 1 of the conference (29th August). Professor Grant has done more research and written more about workplace coaching than just about anyone else in the world. He led the introduction of the world’s first masters program in coaching psychology at the University of Sydney back in the year 2000.

Details of Professor Grant's presentation:


The 'Third Generation' of Workplace Coaching: Creating a Culture of Quality Conversations



This presentation describes the 'third-generation' approach to workplace coaching that is increasingly apparent in the private sector and government organisations. A brief overview of first and second generation approaches to coaching will be presented to provide some context to the current trends.

This third-generation approach explicitly focuses on enhancing both the performance and the well-being of individuals and organisations in ways that are sustainable and personally meaningful. It is an approach to coaching in organisations that aims to create the culture of quality conversations needed for the challenges faced by contemporary organisations, including schools.

More information about Professor Grant Download a paper by Professor Grant


We are excited to have a contribution to our conference by one of the world leaders in workplace coaching. I am very much hoping to see you at the conference.

Best wishes

Professor Christian van Nieuwerburgh
Executive Director