Solutions Focus

The Growth Coaching Corporate coaching approach combines the power of leadership coaching with an intentional Solutions Focus Approach.

Solutions Focus is a powerful yet subtle approach to positive change. From origins twenty years ago, it is now being used by major corporations, top business schools and many coaches and consultants as the methodology of choice where effective, respectful and lasting change is wanted. The Solutions Focus approach will help you to work with change, emergence and the unexpected more confidently. The philosophy is practical and can be used in any form of interaction whether with teams, members of staff, with clients, or even in your personal conversations. You will build a greater awareness of the impact of words and language - and use them even more skillfully.

In helping individuals and teams progress on their challenges a Solutions Focus approach seeks to:

  • Bring attention to what's wanted, rather on what's wrong
  • Highlight current resources and strengths that can help things progress, rather than concentrating on what's missing
  • Address what emerges in conversation, rather than explore underlying motivations
  • Emphasise progress towards the what's wanted via small next steps, rather develop long term implementation plans

Growth Coaching Corporate coaching programs integrate a Solutions Focus Approach, into all our programs. It will become a “way of being”, not simply a tool.