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Authored by growth coaching international Founder, Mandy O'Bree, The Leadership Coaching Guide provides a concise summary of research on effective leadership coaching practices as well as practical applications of the growth coaching international  model which has proven highly successful in leading individuals and teams to greater success.

This updated and expanded edition contains new chapters on Coaching Evaluation, Building a Coaching Culture and Coaching and Strengths Based approaches. Each chapter contains a mix of content and practical applications.

The Leadership Coaching Guide provides practical answers, models, coaching scripts and tips to the following types of questions:

  • What is Leadership Coaching?
  • How do you apply the 8 step GROWTH coaching model?
  • How can you acknowledge achievement and motivate others?
  • How can you deliver performance feedback to under performers?
  • What skills are required to become a great coach?
  • What practical things can you learn from 'Emotional Intelligence' research to build relationships?
  • How can you manage and make time to apply Leadership Coaching?

The new chapters extend these questions further by addressing:

  • How do you build a coaching culture?
  • How do you evaluate the impact of coaching?
  • How do you use a strengths-based approach to coaching?

The book is best used in conjunction with an growth coaching international training program but can also be used as a stand alone resource on coaching.