5 Ways to Give Positive Feedback for Greater Impact

Giving feedback is one of the key coaching skills that separates the average coach from the outstanding coach. When feedback is skilfully integrated into the coaching process it adds a level of immediacy and edge to coaching conversations that often brings breakthrough results.

Feedback though is frequently seen to be about helping people identify blind spots and to take action on things that need developing. Since these conversations can raise tricky emotions and sometimes lead to defensive reactions we think carefully about how we do this. It seems though that we ‘underdo’ how we go about giving positive feedback. Since this is often a more pleasant, easier task we don’t put as much time and planning into how we do it. As a result we ‘under-leverage’ positive feedback. With some thought and planning our positive feedback can have greater impact.

Here are some higher leverage ways to deliver positive feedback...

Deliver it – don’t just think about it!It is not uncommon to have thoughts about the good and effective work that our team members do. Too often though this is all that happens! We acknowledge to ourselves the good work that a team member has done but it does not always get expressed. Clearly this has no impact at all. So if you think it, translate that into a note or comment so that people know what you are thinking!

Have a good coaching month!

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