9 Questions to Ask About Coaching in Your Organisation

The coaching industry has grown significantly in the past decade with increasing awareness of what coaching is; more organisations using coaching as a people development strategy; more university programs and more PhD’s being undertaken into coaching related research.

All this is good. This growing interest though brings with it greater questions and challenges about the impact of coaching.

A recent research paper published by Jericho Partners in the UK (Gilkes, 2010)* sought to identify current practices in organisational coaching. A qualitative survey and interview process involving senior HR professionals in 17 leading UK firms across different industries concluded that... “The organisations surveyed were generally found to be using coaching in a relatively unsophisticated way. Executive coaching was often tactical rather than strategic and the systems and processes remain quite under‐developed.”

In response Gilkes developed the Coaching Maturity Profile as a framework for thinking through some of the strategic and system issues that can impact coaching effectiveness. He proposed that organisational coaching be evaluated against 9 criteria:

  • Strategic or Tactical?
  • Organisation based or Individual based?
  • Integrated or Stand Alone?
  • Controlled or Chaotic?
  • For Many or for Few?
  • Investment or Cost?
  • Outcomes Measured or Outcomes Assumed?
  • Professional Selection or Contacts Led Selection?
  • Focused on Benefits or Focused on Disappointments?

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