A Year in Review - 2015

As the school year moves rapidly towards a conclusion it can be helpful to take some time to reflect on all the things that have been achieved in the preceding 12 months. Some intentional time given to looking back allows us to savour the good, learn from the not so good and to refocus for the coming year.

At GCI we are thankful for another wonderful year of learning, growing and difference-making work. We are grateful to have been able to work alongside terrific school leaders making a positive impact in a wide range of school contexts.

This year has seen some important landmarks…

  • In 2015 some 8,000 school leaders participated in GCI coaching workshops
  • An outstanding 4th National Coaching in Education Conference in Melbourne with Christian van Nieuwerburgh, Jim Knight and John Hattie
  • Initial, very well received coaching workshops in London and Glasgow
  • The launch of online coaching in education programs in English and also in Spanish
  • The establishment of the Coaching in Education Research Network and the enthusiastic response to this new initiative
  • Commissioning of two new, GCI-authored, ‘coaching in education’ books - The Teachers Handbook of Coaching and Mentoring in Education (Routledge) and Leading Coaching in Schools (Corwin). Both set for release mid to late 2016.
  • Wonderful new initiatives in student coaching (more on this coming in 2016).

Some of the benefits of all of this can best be summed up in this brief video…where school leaders speak of the impact of coaching in their particular context. It’s an inspiring clip.

In the light of all this you might find it helpful to take a minute or two sometime before the end of the year to reflect, celebrate and learn from your own 2015 experiences…

  • What are your highlights across 2015?
  • What lessons can you learn from these successes (as well as the not so successful)?
  • How might these shape your focus in 2016?
  • What will be the first step you might take towards making 2016 your best year yet?
We wish you all good things for the final few weeks of the school year, for a wonderful Christmas season and for a refreshing holiday break.

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