Celebrating results and motivating others

One of the most important roles of a coach is to act as a motivator and a truly great coach does this consistently, throughout the year. Here's a brief excerpt from our published book,'The Leadership Coaching Guide - for growing you and your organisation'. It has useful tips for encouraging the hearts of others in your workplace to build energy, confidence and motivation.

  • Encourage individuals to clarify their dreams. At the same time regularly articulate your organisation's cause that aligns with their dreams.
  • Celebrate the small wins as well as the big wins; Lots of small wins add up to big wins and your words of encouragement along the way can have a profound impact on the final outcome.
  • Develop a sense of community or family. A study of peak performing teams across many countries found that one of their most common features is a sense of family. A caring culture can create intrinsic rewards including pride, tradition and respect.
  • Just as a family or community would do, display the things you care about. Display photos of people enacting your organisation's values or plaques to acknowledge special achievements. Celebrate birthdays, job starting-date anniversaries, project beginnings, project conclusions and as many special occasions as you can create.
  • Do something crazy to surprise everyone.
  • Remember to recognise team contributions as well as individual contributions. (It can be a good idea to record how and whom you praise to ensure that you do not favour some to the performance detriment of others.) Seek out people who are doing the right things.
  • Mix your praise with individualised as well as shared and publicised acknowledgements. Use a variety of feedback vehicles including one-on-one conversations, email, letters, telephone, teleconferences and lunches.
  • Link the recognition to the values and standards you desire for your team. (For instance, one manager presents a monthly 'Creative Creature' award to a staff member who has put forward a new and interesting idea for improving outcomes. The award applies whether the idea comes to fruition or not. The focus is on rewarding creative thinking and the person receives a certificate with a packet of corn chips!)

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