Meet Claudia Owad, Director of Programs with Growth Coaching

In this Q&A, we introduce you to Claudia Owad

What does a typical week in your role at GCI look like?

There is no typical week for me, each week is unique and different. I have four aspects to my role as Director. I lead on the development and review of all our programs globally. The exciting part of this is looking at current and future trends for coaching in education and how what we do at GCI links to this. I also facilitate a range of our programs, I coach a handful of leaders and do business development. That means in any given week there is a combination of all four happening.


How did you become interested in coaching?

My background is in Psychology and I have worked in many different settings throughout my career. What remained constant for me in therapeutic settings was the desire to create solutions with my clients. I worked as a school counsellor for many years and it became evident to me that conversations were so crucial and I wanted to do this better and teach others as well. In 2009 I went back to study and completed a Masters in Coaching Psychology at The University of Sydney. I immediately knew this was the missing link for me and have remained in the coaching space ever since.


I understand you are interested in doing some coaching research – what are the research questions you are interested in?

Yes, I am interested in potentially undertaking some Doctoral research in the next 12-18 months. I am interested in the sustainability of coaching in educational contexts and how educators apply and embed change through coaching.


What has led you to see this as an important area of coaching in education?

It is important because of the constant change and demands in education. Educational institutions are complex systems that have many stresses and including responding to societal and political demands. I think coaching, if supported internally and externally, can make significant changes to relationships and outcomes. It is also important for the work we do at Growth Coaching International as research and evidence underpins all our programs and is what makes them so robust.


What are the important theoretical bases that contribute to your research?

There are many theories that underpin Coaching Psychology. I am particularly interested in Self Determination Theory and Strengths and how they impact motivation and engagement.


What’s 2020 looking like for you, as you combine research with your work commitments?

I am hoping that 2020/21 will see me beginning further studies. I think this will complement the work I do for Growth Coaching International as it will continue to keep me linked to research and how this impacts practice.


What are you most looking forward to in 2020 in your role at GCI?

I am really excited about the new programs we have in development that look at complementary fields that inform coaching. I am also looking forward to our expansion globally and how that will inform program development and design.


You can find out more about Claudia here.


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