New Program: Students Coaching Students

We are very excited to be launching a new offering in the Student Coaching space. Students Coaching Students is a student peer coaching program. As part of our Global Framework for Coaching and Mentoring in Education, this falls into the student experience portal and builds to student success and well-being. This program is designed for sustainability and to be driven internally within your school with our support.

There is a broadening body of research into the area of student coaching that builds a compelling business case to highlight the benefit of student coaching. Green, Grant & Rynsaardt (2007) found that providing coaching to high school students can increase their resilience and hopefulness. Passmore and Brown (2009) discovered that coaching secondary school students in the UK increased academic performance. Furthermore, van Nieuwerburgh & Tong (2013) found that actually training students as coaches led to increases in emotional intelligence, improved attitudes to learning and enhanced communication skills. Research by van Nieuwerburgh and Passmore (2012) highlighted the positive effects of becoming a student coach on thought processes, study skill, emotional intelligence, relationships, and communication skills.

What has come out of the research is that there is a dual benefit in coaching relationships for both the coach and the coachee. With improvements in emotional intelligence, self-confidence and communication skills such as; asking good questions, listening and giving and receiving feedback. There is also an increase in perspective taking and strengthening in relationships.

Auckland Normal Intermediate school in New Zealand has piloted a version of this program with year 8 students, with wonderful feedback from the student’s coaches and coachees, speaking to the benefits of the student peer coaching program.

The impact on the coaches was:

  • An increase in confidence in talking to people they do not know
  • Building their ability to clarify, synthesis and be succinct
  • Developing their EQ
  • Increasing their understanding in how people operate, which made them more accepting of other’s perspectives and abilities
  • Being honest to themselves
  • Being able to solve problems better
  • Setting goals in their own lives

The impact on the coachees was:

  • They liked that their peers coached them
  • They kept it simple
  • The level of trust they built was key to unlocking their potential
  • They liked the opportunity to build new friendships with peers
  • Students noticed that because they are on the same level, they were more likely to be honest
  • Student coaches were seen as more patient
  • Students were more open to the idea of being coached by their peers
  • They learnt tools and techniques for themselves

There is a great deal of transferrable skills that the student peer coaching provides to all involved, that can be used at school in their private lives and carry them through post high school. Students Coaching Students aims to support students to empower each other through structured coaching conversations that are goal and action orientated with a solutions focused lens.

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