The University of East London Experience

Nick Burnett and Jason Pascoe, members of the GCI team, were part of the initial cohort that participated in one of the distance learning units in the University of East London post graduate program in coaching - Evidenced-Based Coaching Theory and Practice.

They share some of their experiences....

What prompted you to pursue the UEL post graduate study in coaching?

Nick: As I have decided that a significant amount of my foreseeable future is going to be in the coaching space I felt it important to have some personal academic rigour behind what I was saying at workshops.

Jason: When the opportunity to study coaching at a post graduate level was presented, for me, it was the obvious next step in going deeper into the work I love to do. The course has certainly allowed me to explore, practice and reflect, and made my coaching better.

What kind of time commitment was involved to complete the module you undertook?

Nick: I allowed a day a week for the duration of the module - so about 12 days in total per module.
Jason: With a very busy schedule the online environment meant I could access notes and discussions whilst travelling. I found that with regular online contact, disciplined reading time and, I would estimate 10-15 days concentrated work I met the module requirements.

What was interesting and useful to you from your involvement in this program?

Nick: The first module has certainly given me a greater depth and breadth to my knowledge of coaching generally, and enabled me to reflect on my knowledge from a different perspective.
Jason: The Evidence Based Coaching module allowed me to get a comprehensive picture of techniques, tools and approaches that influence coaching conversations. The requirement to use these in practice, reflect on their effectiveness and explore how they can enhance my coaching was an essential part of making these approaches useful.

How has your coaching been enhanced by your involvement in this module?

Nick: A wider range of approaches in my coaching is now available to me, including understanding other coaching experiences individuals may have had.
Jason: In addition to the aspects mentioned above the opportunity to video myself with a client certainly gave me some new insights into my coaching and how it was experienced by the client.

Are you planning to undertake additional modules offered by UEL and what is that is appealing about doing this?

Nick: Yes, already completed first research module for the Masters. I decided that I wanted to and could commit the time to complete the Masters giving me greater credibility to some people but mainly to myself!

Jason: Yes, I am excited to continue building my knowledge and practice. The opportunity to do this at a post graduate level is consistently linking me in to the evidence, giving me more opportunity for reflection and tools to integrate into my practice. In short it is making me better at what I do.

If you have completed all four Phases of the GCI Coaching Accreditation Program and are interested in exploring the UEL distance learning option please contact our office

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