Behind the Scenes

A conversation exploring ideas together
Professor Christian van Nieuwerburgh and Chris Munro

We often hear the term “professional conversation” – essentially two professionals talking about their work – or ‘thinking aloud with each other’. value of having an observer in the classroom in relation to coaching?

When gci Executive Director Christian van Nieuwerburgh and Director (VIC/TAS) Chris Munro linked up online to explore the pros and cons of classroom observations and coaching, they were engaging in a professional conversation. The concept of dialogue is integral here – especially an inquiry habit of mind and a relationship of respect and challenge.

Watch part or all of this conversation below and reflect on what you could take away from it.


Reflection points on content

  • What ideas here are new to you?
  • What was surprising?
  • What ideas or understandings might you adopt or adapt for your own practice?
  • Something you could follow up this week?

Reflection points on professional conversations as a process

  • What are the advantages of having this sort of conversation with colleagues, apart from any fresh insights into the topic?
  • Were there points where the conversation seemed be particularly rich? Your thoughts on what was helpful in generating this?
  • What elements of a coaching conversation can you see here?
  • Were there some strategies or skills modeled here that could improve your own professional conversations?


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