Coaching in Education Research Seminar - Closed

This one day seminar is designed for those undertaking post graduate research in coaching in education topics. It is also designed for those interested in commencing study in this field. This complimentary event is held approximately every 12-18 months. Registration is by application.

Who is it for?

Those already undertaking doctoral, masters level or in school research into coaching in education related topic areas. In addition, those people considering commencing research work in coaching in education are welcome to attend.

Why a Coaching in Education Reasearch Seminar?

  • To build a network of scholars interested in Coaching in Education Research
  • To share topics, learnings and challenges with other interested scholars
  • To develop an understanding of the range of topics being researched and to explore other possible research areas
  • To encourage those already on the journey to stick it out and those thinking about starting to begin
  • To provide additional relevant professional learning in appropriate topic areas


  • Welcome and Overview
  • Research into coaching in education (so far)
  • Presentations: Updates from those currently undertaking research
  • Special interest topic areas, to be determined. Possible topic areas could include:
    • getting academic work published
    • undertaking research
    • preparing for doctoral work
  • Conclusion and Next Steps

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