How to Create Happy and Successful Schools with Solution-Focused Psychology - Closed

‘How to Create Happy and Successful Schools with Solution-Focused Psychology’
One-day Workshop with Ben Furman (FINLAND)

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Growth Coaching International is delighted to be hosting Finland’s most respected thought-leader in the field of Solution Focused Psychology in education, Ben Furman.

In Australia for a limited time only, Ben, an internationally distinguished psychiatrist, will share with us the various ways in which solution-focused psychology can be adopted in schools - either top down or bottom up.

Workshop description
This inspirational one-day workshop is an opportunity to explore the concept "solution-focused" and look at how this practical application of strength-based psychology can change the way teachers and students work and communicate in schools - how teachers talk with students, with colleagues and how school leaders interact with parents and families of students.

The workshop will also explore how to teach this way of thinking to children and young people, not only though role-modelling but also through engaging, fun activities and games that everyone enjoys.

Further, the workshop will explore ways to make a gentle shift from rewards-and-consequences based behaviour control to collaborative and restorative problem-solving strategies that foster growth and well-being in children and teachers alike.

Ben Furman BIO
Ben is an internationally distinguished psychiatrist and teacher of solution-focused psychology. Ben has written a number of books including an international bestseller entitled "It’s never too late to have a happy childhood" and "Kids’Skills in Action" which is a collection of case stories illustrating how to use the Kids’Skills method to help children of different ages to overcome various difficulties and problems. In his own home country, Finland, he is also known for a popular psychological talk-show he used to host for many years for national TV. In recent years Ben has been working increasingly with schools exploring, together with politicians, principals and teachers various ways of introducing solution-focused psychology to schools. To this end he and his colleagues have developed a number of tools including Kids’Skills, Steps of Responsibility, and Skilful Class to name a few.

To learn more about Ben’s work, visit his website at, explore the Kids’ Skills website at or consider installing the free Kids’ Skills app.

Who it is for:
School leaders and teachers, particularly those interested in Positive Education and student well-being; School Counsellors