Welcome to our second newsletter for 2019. In this edition, we look at some schools who have been implementing student coaching, with videos of students in coaching mode and reflecting on their coaching experience. You can also see and hear their teachers talk about what they have learned from the program.

We talk with Annette Gray, Director at GCI, and a person who is highly engaged with the global Solution Focus community. Hear about what podcasts she’s listening to, what some of the recent trends are in SF and her tips for bringing more SF thinking into your daily workplace conversations.

Like to work more on the ‘learning environment’ you create in the coaching space? Margaret Barr, who is with Growth Coaching UK, gives some clear pointers about how to help your coachees do their best thinking, based on her own learning from Nancy Kline’s book, “Time to Think”

This edition’s featured researcher is award winner Dr Deborah Netolicky from Western Australia, featuring her recently published papers and leading up to her presentation at the 2019 Coaching in Education Conference.

Kris Needham May 2019 GCI Insights

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Are our coachees doing their best thinking?

When we coach others, we want to stimulate their thinking. New thinking leads to new insights, generates options and supports changed behaviours. This is often termed ‘generative thinking’. What does it take to create the conditions for others to think for themselves? What coach behaviours are associated with coaches doing their best thinking?

Margaret Barr - Are our coachees doing their best thinking?

But what are some specific behaviours a coach can demonstrate that support high quality, generative thinking? Margaret Barr, GCI Lead Associate (Scotland), has referred to the work by Nancy Kline in her article “10 Ways to Generate More Thinking”.

Read more about creating better thinking space and watch Margaret's video here...


Could your students coach other students?

There has been a big take-up in the number of schools, primary and secondary, implementing student coaching. The highlights from the program have been many; especially the impact on the student coaches themselves. Benefits include improved overall confidence in interacting with their peers, improved listening skills, improvements in their ability to empathise and support their peers when working towards their goals.

Here we feature three New Zealand schools and one Australian school. Students and teachers from these 4 schools share the impact this program has had.

Read and watch here.



Hot Off the Press

Our Executive Director, Professor Christian van Nieuwerburgh's new book, Advanced Coaching Practice: Inspiring Change in Others is coming out later this month. The book is structured around nine tensions which commonly occur in coaching. It provides the knowledge and confidence to become a skilled coach practitioner.

Click here to hear Christian talk about his new book.

Christian van Nieuwerburgh-Advanced Coaching Practice

Dr Jim Knight, Senior Research Associate at the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning and the President of the Instructional Coaching Group, recently published a paper on the topic of Visible Learning and Instructional Coaching.

Visible Learning has been one of the most influential research initiatives conducted in education in the past few decades, and at the same time, instructional coaching is becoming one of the most popular forms of professional development. This paper considers how the implementation of Visible Learning may be supported through instructional coaches by...

Click here to read more.


Coaching in Education Podcast Series

Meet Annette Gray, Director of Strategy and Development with GCI, who has a passion for Solution Focus (SF) coaching. This extends beyond her own coaching and facilitation of the Solution Focused Masterclass to a high level of involvement with SF communities of practice globally. Annette shares some of her expertise with us in this podcast where she elaborates on the distinguishing features of SF coaching, emerging trends in the field internationally, and gives some tips for school leaders wanting to introduce more of an SF approach into their workplace conversations…

Annette Gray has pursued her interest in SF coaching with the same drive and energy she gives to her participation in ocean swimming events. Annette now works voluntarily as a reviewer for the global Association of Solution Focused in Organisations in certifying consultants in Solution Focused practice and leads the Asia/Pacific Solution Focus Webinar forums. She has also presented at national and international conferences including International Coaching Federation; SOLWorld, international conference for Solutions Focused practitioners (Oxford); and the Australian Council Educational Leadership conferences.
Annette has recently returned from recent Aotearoa New Zealand Solution Focused Practice Conference, where Elliott Connie was a keynote speaker.

Annette has provided us with lots of resources on the topic of SF Coaching. The complete resource list and links to various sources can be found on the podcast page.

Listen to the podcast


Coaching Research from Dr Deborah Netolicky

Dr Deborah Netolicky is an Australian educational leader and practitioner who has researched coaching in her own school context. Her research for her PhD thesis has been acknowledged with national and international awards and her 2016 peer-reviewed paper ‘Coaching for professional growth in one Australian school: “oil in water”’ won an Emerald Publishing award.
Deborah is presenting at this year’s National Coaching in Education Conference.


DebNetolicky-GCI Insights May 2019

Leadership Coaching Institute

GCI has been has been extending its involvement with coaching in the United States. Recently Christian van Nieuwerburgh and John Campbell presented at the 2019 Leadership Coaching Institute in Lawrence, Kansas, United States of America.

One of the participants was Cathy Gassenheimer, Executive Vice-President for the Alabama Best Practices Center. Cathy has blogged about her experience there learning from Christian, John and Jim Knight.



6th National Coaching in Education Conference

The 6th National Coaching in Education Conference is scheduled for Thursday 29th & Friday 30th August 2019. We will be back in Sydney for the first time since 2009. Our conference theme is New Insights in Coaching Practice: Creating Conditions for Effective Learning.  

Confirmed keynote speakers include:  

  • Prof Tony Grant, University of Sydney
  • Dr Jim Knight, Instructional Coaching Group, USA
  • Prof Rachel Lofthouse, Leeds Beckett University, UK
  • Dr Deborah Netolicky, Wesley College, Perth, WA

View the program

** Save AU$100 by registering now - Early bird rate closes on 31st May. **


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