CoachED March 2021

CoachED: March Update

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As we commence a new year with some hope on the horizon for a post-pandemic world, we wanted to share the things that we remain committed to following the challenges that 2020 presented to us.

Our Purpose

At GCI, our purpose is to enhance the quality of conversations in education communities - leaders with teachers; teachers with teachers; leaders and teachers with parents; and everyone with students - so that leaders lead well; teachers teach well; parents contribute well; and student learning and wellbeing are enhanced. We believe that coaching, and a coaching approach to leading and working, provide a vehicle to achieve this.

Our Values

  • Collaborative – we work together with each other and in partnership with our clients, seeking to build trust and always maintaining confidentiality

  • Research informed; practitioner focused – we stay in touch with current research and innovative ideas as we strive to lead thinking and practice in coaching in education

  • Generosity – we seek to be generous in our interactions with our colleagues and clients

  • Impactful – we seek to make a positive difference for school leaders, teachers and most importantly, student outcomes

  • Practical – at least one thing from every coaching session or workshop can be applied immediately

  • Empathetic – we understand what it’s like to operate amongst the conflicting needs and priorities of a busy school

  • Positive – we look to move things forward by focusing on what’s working and leveraging existing strengths and resources

Organisational ‘Way of Being’

As a coaching organisation, we endeavour to live out our values and model a ‘coaching way of being’ with colleagues, clients and our education communities. We encourage a culture of high expectations through our commitment to the ongoing development of our people based on mutual respect and collaboration. Our consultants are expert coach practitioners who draw on a wealth of educational leadership experience to provide the highest level of service as coaches and coach trainers.


How do the concepts, intentions and values presented here compare to those of your own educational community?

What would others be noticing if you were living out what you espouse?

What would be the small signs that the quality of conversations is enhanced?


Watch Professor Christian van Nieuwerburgh, GCI Executive Director, explore contexts for coaching in education here .

Listen to Chris Munro, GCI Managing Director, and GCI Senior Consultant Dr Dave Tee talk about implementing coaching in education settings here . Dave is based in Wales and hosts this podcast for our partner organisation The University of South Wales - or as he likes to say to his Australian colleagues “old South Wales”. 

Upcoming Programs:

Following the success of our first online intensive version of our popular Introduction to Leadership Coaching program in January, we are offering it in this format again in April and July - 2 x 2-hour workshops over 3 days!

For some, being able to complete a program like this in a single week brings several advantages – it can accelerate the move towards mastery by creating a more focused, intensive learning experience, and it can be much more personally convenient.

Plus…following the initial series of workshops an additional complimentary implementation session will be available to help participants gain further support in ensuring that learning is applied effectively back in your context. [NB This additional module will only be available in conjunction with this online intensive version.]

Find out more about the online intensive and register here .

Other Options:

6 Week Online Introduction to Leadership Coaching cohorts - 

UK timezone based 6wk cohort starts 28th April

AU/NZ timezone based 6wk cohort starts 28th April

Introduction to Leadership Coaching (face to face) - Ballarat 27th April
and Canberra 28th April

Free Professional Learning:

Our popular Curious Convos webinar series returns this month with Chris Munro in conversation with Dr Jim Knight of the Instructional Coaching Group in the US, and Ben Calleja, GCI Director based in Perth WA. In keeping with the conversational style of this series, you are invited to sit in on a conversation about video peer coaching. Jim and Ben will explore their recent collaboration on peer coaching, and in particular, the use of video to enhance teaching practice.

This free event is scheduled for the following time:

Tuesday 23rd March - Sydney 10.30am, Perth 7.30am

Monday 22nd March - New York 7.30pm, Chicago 6.30pm, Los Angeles 4.30pm,
London 11.30pm

Register here.

This Curious Convos webinar will be recorded for those who cannot attend. We do like to have some live Q&A interaction during these conversations so please do register and attend if you can.

Coming Soon: 

GCI’s Coaching in Education Conference – our 7th - will  take place later in 2021. If you made it to our last event in 2019 you will not want to miss this! This time however it will be international, and virtual. Click here to view the 1 minute launch video from the 2019 Conference.  For a slightly longer look at what took place at the 2017 event click here.

We can't wait to get back together again. We hope you can join us. Watch for dates, times and speakers in GCI Insights and on our website.


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