CoachED February 2021

CoachED Update: Coaching Conversations & Learning – now more than ever

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Welcome to the CoachED Update, a new monthly update from Growth Coaching International. In 2021 we plan to step up our efforts to support our global education communities by regularly sharing the latest developments in coaching in education.

“ While many assume that coaching has been imported into education from other fields such as sport or psychology, it is reasonable to argue that education is the natural home of coaching… it seems logical to argue that places of learning (such as schools, colleges and universities) are ideal places for coaching to flourish. Coaching and education share the same purpose: helping people learn, grow and develop. Furthermore, some people would argue that coaching is simply a form of personalised learning. We believe that every coaching conversation is essentially a conversation about learning.”

John Campbell and Christian van Nieuwerburgh in The Leader’s Guide to Coaching in Schools:
Creating Conditions for Effective Learning (2018)

As educators around the world continue to grapple with the challenges of supporting the learning of their communities during a pandemic, it is worth revisiting the essential role of conversation in learning. Conversation, whether face to face or online, on campus or remotely, is the lifeblood of our education communities. Many educators have been coming to terms with new ways of working, new learning for themselves and a sudden loss of immediate connection with their colleagues, students and community.

In the face of these significant challenges, coaches and leaders are deploying their conversational skills and coaching way of being to help those around them think through new challenges, learn new skills, plan next small steps, exercise increasing levels of agency, and celebrate and build on the strengths and resources that have emerged.

One of the big questions that we heard again and again as education communities experienced varying levels of disruption, was about how to create the equivalent conditions and opportunities for connection and relationship building that would in turn lead to at least some progress in student learning. The key word here was “equivalent”.
It was about not expecting things to be the same. It was about actively considering new ways of doing what we do and consciously creating different opportunities for people to connect and converse.

Reflecting on what you have learned as a coach or leader in recent months and how you have brought your coaching skills to the fore to support your colleagues, students and communities, the following simple coaching questions might be useful:

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Webinar - Coaching for Wellbeing in Educational Contexts
Interactions with colleagues, students, parents and other community members can be taxing at the best of times, but in these last months the work of educators has intensified.
Growth Coaching International is pleased to be hosting a free webinar on this topic led by GCI Executive Director, Prof Christian van Nieuwerburgh. Christian is a global thought leader in this field and has presented and written widely on this topic.

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