Executive Coaching
Individual coaching – 6 session package

Executive coaching offers leaders the opportunity to work with a coach to focus on enhancing performance, wellbeing and success in the workplace within personalised and private coaching sessions.

You’ll find that just six individual coaching sessions is often enough to help arrive at strategies to achieve goals and find solutions for things that may be holding you back professionally. The sessions are high impact, evidence-based professional growth opportunities aimed at developing new insights, skills and attitudes.

By working with a coach you’ll be supported to make progress fast by taking the direct path to change. You will experience the Solutions Focused tools and techniques while being coached so you gain the added benefit of achieving your goals whilst developing a new conversational toolkit.

Who is coaching suitable for?

  • Leaders, managers and employees seeking to enhance their workplace and personal success
  • Leaders, managers and employees who want to achieve their goals sooner
  • Leaders, managers and employees who want to explore their options and strategies for results with an impartial third-party

Coaching Objectives

If you're considering private coaching, here’s how you might benefit:

  • Greater clarity, focus and strategic direction
  • Improved relationships and teamwork
  • Enhanced levels of competence and confidence
  • Increased motivation and commitment
  • Emotional support, empathy, and encouragement
  • Enhanced leadership quality and improved succession planning
  • Faster action to achieve your goals

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have little time in my schedule – can coaching sessions be conducted remotely?
    Coaching sessions can be face to face, by phone or using other methods of technology -the method is generally discussed prior to the commencement of coaching and often dictated by location of the coach and coachee. It is can often be a mixture of all methods.
  • How many sessions would I need to commit to?
    Generally, we recommend a package of six sessions to start you off with a coach. These can then be extended.
  • Can I choose my coach?
    If you have a previous positive coaching experience with a particular coach, you might like to request that coach. Assuming the coach has availability, this will usually be possible but, of course, cannot be guaranteed.

What Clients Say About Executive Coaching