Upcoming Webinar: Sustaining Growth as a Coach

Title: Sustaining Growth as a Coach

Date & time: Wed 25th May 7pm-8pm AEST


The process of becoming a coach, or ‘coach-like’ leader, is a journey. Our colleague Prof. Christian van Nieuwerburgh has written about ‘becoming’ a coach as opposed to just doing coaching (van Nieuwerburgh & Love, 2019) and there is a body of literature that describes the developmental stages that we see people go through as they grow into this new way of acting and being in conversations. This Curious Convos webinar will explore what we know about how coaches develop and what helps to sustain this growth towards becoming advanced practitioners over time.

Confirmed panellists:

Di Henning is GCI’s expert in this area, with a particular responsibility for supporting the development of our coaches. Di has a deep knowledge and understanding of coach development gained over almost two decades of work in educational leadership and coaching. Di is an EMCC Accredited Coaching Supervisor and Senior Practitioner.

Chris Munro, GCI Executive Director, will host this conversation.

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