Coaching Early Career Teachers with Sue Knight and Tomaz Lasic

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Over the last dozen or more episodes we have heard terrific stories of how teachers, having served for 30 or 40 years, have found renewed enthusiasm for the profession through the impact coaching has had on them. But what if you are just fresh out of teacher training? What if the ink on your teaching certificate is still drying? What happens when you realise you have joined one of the most challenging professions out there? What happens when theory and good intentions meet reality? In this episode I am excited to be joined by two inspiring educators – Tomaz Lasic and Sue Knight. Both work as coaches in a long running, and in many ways trailblazing, In Class Coaching Programme in the Western Australian government school system.

Their coaching helps early career teachers build their self-efficacy that is so essential at the start of their career. The strong reflective practices they build with them increase their confidence and resilience in an increasingly complex and difficult environment that is classroom teaching.