Curious Convos Webinar - Instructional Coaching: Balancing Inquiry and Advocacy

Instructional Coaching: Balancing Inquiry and Advocacy

For this Curious Convos webinar we were delighted to bring together four global leaders in coaching in education:

  • Dr Jim Knight, Senior Partner of the Instructional Coaching Group, Kansas, USA;
  • Professor Christian van Nieuwerburgh, GCI Global Director;
  • Professor Rachel Lofthouse, Director of CollectivEd The Centre for Mentoring, Coaching and Professional Learning at Leeds Beckett University, UK; and
  • Chris Munro, GCI Executive Director.

They discussed Instructional Coaching: what it is and is not; the research underpinning it; what it looks like when it’s done well; and some of the contextual considerations when implementing Instructional Coaching in schools and other education settings.