Coaching at Salesian College

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In this latest episode of the Coaching in Education Podcast, host Richard Reid is joined by three members of the team at Salesian College Sunbury in Victoria, Australia. Listen in as we learn about the early stages of their coaching journey where staff shared a vision of wanting to have ‘better conversations’.

Find out how the team, led by Ammie Franklin (Director of Staff Learning), took courageous steps through a consultative approach to introducing coaching at Salesian College. Listen to pedagogy coach Jade West share the benefits of coaching across a school of 140 teachers. Check out how the team turned the challenges of the pandemic into opportunities for growth, as coaching provided the perfect tool to focus on wellbeing through a difficult time. Hear directly from teacher Melanie Jurcic, from the perspective of a coachee, how coaching at Salesian has benefitted her both personally and professionally. Another episode that’s well worth a listen.