Fourth Edition - Working papers from CollectivED

CollectivEd Working Papers represents the lived experiences of researchers and practitioners working to support the professional learning and practice development of teachers and other education staff at all stages of their career. Please do read them and use them to provoke your own reflections and action. You won’t agree with them all, but they should make you think. Information about the contributors is provided at the end of this issue, along with an invitation to contribute.

As well as an interview with Growth Coaching’s own Executive Director John Campbell, this issue includes:

  • Live coaching and how it helps new teachers get into good habits quickly, A Practice Insight Working Paper by Chris Moyse
  • Fostering semantic space in schools for professional collaboration and growth, Research Working Paper by Deborah Netolicky (Australia)
  • Mentoring as a feminist academic, A Thinkpiece Working Paper by Kirstein Rummery
  • Researching the Impact of Changes to Mentoring Approaches within a Large Initial Teacher Education Partnership, A Research Working Paper by Karen Vincent
  • Reflecting on the Third Edition of the Training and Assessment NASBTT 2018 Toolkit, A Thinkpiece Working Paper by Carl Wilkinson
  • A pracademic’s exploration of mentoring, coaching and induction in the Western Québec School Board, A Research Working Paper by Trista Hollweck
  • Searching for Trust, A Thinkpiece Working Paper by Colin Lofthouse
  • Being mentored through CTeach, A Practice Insight Working Paper by Stephen Campbell
  • Comparing the mentor - mentee dynamic of the Chartered College pilot programme with inschool coaching, A Practice Insight Working Paper by Matt Shurlock, Rebecca Stacey and Patrick Ottley-O’Connor
  • Re-imagining performance management, A Practice Insight Working Paper by Gary Handforth
  • Teaching-teams not Teaching-solo: The secret to retaining Gen Y teachers, A Thinkpiece Working Paper by Anne Knock
  • Long live metacognition, lessons learned from a life in the field, A Practice and Research Insight Paper by Rachel Lofthouse
  • Book Review of Czerniawski, G. (2018) Teacher Educators in the twenty-first century, By Steve Burton CollectivEd
  • Thinking Out Loud: An interview with John Campbell