River Gum Primary School: Robyn Trzeciak, Amy Parsons & Jordan Warren

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'True leaders don’t create followers they create more leaders’. In the previous episode we heard from Roma McKinnon, how as Principal at River Gum PS she used a coaching approach to re‐culture a school in crisis. Now working for the Department of Education Roma, as the opening quotes states – didn’t just create followers in her time at River Gum PS, she created more leaders. Join me in this episode where I’m in conversation with Robyn Trzeciak, Amy Parsons and Jordan Warren. A group of young educational leaders who have a proven track record of empowering teachers to improve student outcomes. Through a collective, coaching approach, they have been able to build upon the well-established coaching culture at River Gum Primary School and have pushed the school’s learning growth even further, to some of the highest levels in the state of Victoria. This is a great example of how a strong coaching culture can not only survive but actually thrive through a period of leadership change.